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Fishing In Town With People (and Bears)   Slideshow 

Here's a slideshow of places to fish in Anchorage. You'll find spots slightly crowded at times, and empty at others. Fishing with other people is easy. Practice courtesy and ask for advice before you truly need it. Bears are a little different. Follow these rules when fishing with bears.


When Around Bears:

1.) Walk away if they want to share your space.

2.) Keep your lunch and tackle in a backpack on your back. Don’t leave it along the bank.

3.) When you catch a salmon and clean it, chop up the discard and throw it far out into the stream.

4.) Resist the temptation to get up close and take a bear picture.

5.) Avoid walking on trials right beside streams and don't cut through thick brush to get to a stream. 


The longer you stay in Alaska, the more comfortable and prepared you'll be fishing in different environments.

Fishing is a way of life in Alaska. Locals and tourists fish everywhere and anywhere then can.
You Can Fish Right Across Town

City Fishing In Anchorage

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