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Heading East Toward the Land of Rivers   Slideshow  Places 

The Glenn Highway is one of the most scenic mountain drives In Alaska. You've probably never seen anything like it. The glacier-filled mountains of the Chugach Range spill down to the Matanuska River as the road winds its way to Eureka Summit. The Glenn Highway goes through the farm country of Palmer and then heads up to the Eureka mountain pass. The Chugach Range has a massive icefield. Some of its glaciers flow south into Prince William Sound (the "College Glaciers") and some, like the Matanuska, flow north towards the Glenn Highway.

The Glenn Highway travels in an easterly direction - with splendid scenery.
Day Trips Going East Along The Matanuska River

East On The Glenn Highway


Mile 35 Glenn Highway


The town of Palmer is next to Wasilla, over the Palmer-Wasilla Highway – and about 35 minutes from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway.


Palmer’s a town with sidewalks and a 1950’s feeling. Palmer's proud of its Alaska heritage, farm roots and the high school football team, known as “the Palmer Moose.”


Mile 61 Glenn Highway


A railroad once ran here to carry coal from Chickaloon to Anchorage. Local folks have developed the Alpine Historical Park at Mile 61, with buildings, photos and information about coal mining.


In Sutton, you'll become very aware of your proximity to the large Matanuska River.


Long Lake

Mile 85 Glenn Highway


This narrow, tranquil lake on the Glenn Highway has a pullout at the bottom of the hill. This is a pleasant place to stop and try out your fishing pole. If you do go out in a boat, wear life vests. Alaska water is very cold – too cold to easily survive, even with a vest.

Matanuska Glacier

Mile 100 Glenn Highway


At the headwaters of the Matanuska River lies the Matanuska Glacier, which is easy to photograph from just off the Glenn Highway. The Matanuska Glacier is 4 miles wide at its terminus, and extends for miles back into the Chugach Mountains. This is adventure country with rafting on the river, glacier climbing and spectacular scenery.

Sheep Mountain 

Mile 113 Glenn Highway


Between Caribou Creek and Sheep Mountain you can see wild sheep grazing to the north. They are attracted to the natural mineral licks on the mountainsides. Watch closely for small white dots, and you’ll see the sheep moving in groups.

Lodging in Kennicott, Alaska

Kennicott Glacier Lodge


National Park in Eastern Alaska

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park


Glenn Highway Day Trips

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