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First Evening

Your First Evening In Town

 Walking In Downtown Anchorage 

The sun doesn't go down early during an Anchorage summer. It's easy to get out and enjoy the long summer nights.

1. Look For Denali


On a clear evening, chances are you’ll be able to see the Alaska Range to the north. Drive to Earthquake Park, and look north to see Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak, 175 miles away. Or, if you want an overview of the city, you can drive up the Arctic Valley Road, just a few miles north on the Glenn Highway. The entire town is visible below.


2. Take An Evening Wildlife Drive


If you have a car or rental vehicle, drive a short way south on the Seward Highway. There are spectacular views of the inlet, mountains and wildlife on nearby cliffs


3. Exploring Anchorage In The Evening


Evening parking is free in downtown. Restaurants are open and there is evening entertainment. You can walk to the Coastal Trail, enjoy Town Square, and check out the sunset at Elderberry Park later on.

 Reindeer Hot Dogs 

Evening Downtown

Spend an Evening Downtown

 Westchester Lagoon 

If you want to explore downtown without driving, here are some simple things you can do.

1. Go For A Walk Or Bike Ride

Anchorage has a huge and approachable wooded trail system that you can access from your hotel downtown and from various points near the coast. Take a stroll on your first day in Alaska. Elderberry Park on the end of 5th Avenue is an easy place to start.


2. Check Out The Fishing 


If you are downtown, take a short walk down the hill to Ship Creek, where you can often see salmon (and fishermen) right in the middle of town.


3. Walk To Elderberry Park


Elderberry Park is where 5th Avenue meets the ocean. It's a great place to view the sunset, with nice views across Cook Inlet. You can extend your walk by heading under the railroad tracks and strolling down the Coastal Trail beside the water.


4. Read The Historic Signs


Learn about Anchorage's bootlegging history, why Alaska is better than Texas, the history of the Iditarod, the Great Alaska Earthquake and more. There are historic signs all over town.


5. Flowers In Town Square


Town Square is a pleasant park in the middle of Anchorage, on 5th Avenue. There are places to sit, and beautiful flower gardens.

 Fourth Avenue 

 Town Square 

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