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Native Art In Anchorage

'First Alaskans' Art Made By Alaska Natives Is Unique
As Alaska's economic hub, Anchorage has many places to buy original Native Alaskan art.

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Native Alaskan art is easily available in Anchorage. That's because Anchorage is a traffic hub for all of Alaska, including the villages in Northern, Western, and Interior Alaska. Cultural events like the Alaska Federation of Natives and The World Eskimo Indian Olympics are often held in Anchorage. Native Alaskan artists use Anchorage as an art market to reach the entire state, and the rest of the world. 


Alaskan Native art is sold in Anchorage at museums, special art fairs, and retail galleries. Look for art from a diverse number of tribes and regions. Alaskan Native artwork is valuable, and made from regional materials with age-old techniques and inspirations. Artwork is often functional, serving as parkas, shoes, and gloves. Still more artwork is fine art, such as fragile baskets, intricate dolls, sculptures, masks, and ceremonial garmets.


Buy from reputable dealers to ensure that you are buying authentic art. If you aren't sure of the origin of a piece, ask for documentation.

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