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Fur Rendezvous Activities

Highly Original Sporting Events of The Last Frontier
Think of Fur Rondy as the winter version of the Alaska State Fair.

A Winter Carnival In The Snowy Streets   Slideshow 

Fur Rendezvous activities range from the recognizable to the downright bizarre yet well-intentioned. When you're done watching enourmous malamutes test their strength on the sled-pull, you might go watch a vintage snowmobile rally down the largest city street in Alaska. Sound interesting? A lot of tourists think so, making Fur Rondy and the corresponding start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race one of the best times to visit Anchorage in winter. A few other of those sports? The Reindeer Run (human contestants race down the street in front of dashing reindeer in homage to Barcelona), an Outhouse Race (highly competitive), and of course the three day sled-dog sprint race that takes place straight down Anchorage streets on piles of trucked in snow. Highly Alaskan and quite fun.

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