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Welcome to Anchorage, Alaska

Arrive via Air, Highway, or Ship and Train

One way to orient yourself when you're driving around is to look for the mountains. They are to the east. When they are on your left, you're headed north, towards Downtown. When they are on your right, then you are headed south, towards the Kenai Peninsula.


If you arrive in Anchorage on a "Blue Sky Day', drive over to  Earthquake Park. Just take Postmark Drive straight to the park. When the sky is clear to the north, you'll see North America's tallest mountain, Denali (otherwise known as Mt. McKinley.)

 Anchorage Welcomes You Sign 

Arriving At The Airport

  1. Most hotels offer free shuttle service. There are kiosks near the baggage claim, where you can phone local hotels for free.

  2. You can also take a taxi. Checker Cab (907) 276-1234 or Yellow Cab (907) 222-2222

  3. Use the city bus system (Anchorage People Mover) every 30 minutes during the day (approx. 6 am to 11 pm.)

  4. The car rentals are downstairs, a floor below the baggage claim and up a long corridor to your left, in the South Terminal.

  5. If you are in the North Terminal, there is a free airport shuttle (every 15 minutes) that will take you to the other terminal.

  6. During the day, there are volunteer-staffed visitor centers at the bottom of the escalator at both airports.

  7. If you are on a tour, you will probably find someone with a sign, waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator by the baggage claim.

  8. The railroad terminal at the airport is only for cruise ship passengers. You can't take a train from the airport.

 Ted Stevens International Airport 

Arriving From The Glenn Highway

On the Glenn Highway, headed into Anchorage, you’ll find yourself on a 4-lane and then 6-lane freeway that takes you straight into the downtown area.

You should be able to find a place to park downtown, either on the street, or in one of several parking lots and garages. 

The main streets in downtown are 4th, 5th, and 6th Avenues, and most parking spaces are within a ten minute walk of the Anchorage Visitor Information Center on 4th Avenue and F Street. 

The volunteers at the visitor center can tell you the best way to get to your hotel, and answer your questions about Anchorage. 

Downtown, there are street vendors, cafes, and nice restaurants.

 Downtown Visitor Center 

Arriving From The Seward Highway

From the Kenai, headed north into Anchorage, you're on the Seward Highway. The Seward Highway turns into a 4-lane road just as you enter the outskirts of Anchorage.

If you are going to the airport, take the O’Malley Road Exit off the Seward Highway and turn left. Drive west until O’Malley Road becomes Minnesota Drive. Minnesota Drive will take you to International Airport Road.

From the Kenai, to reach downtown, continue to the end of the Seward Highway and turn left on 5th Avenue.

To get to the Glenn Highway from the Kenai Peninsula, stay on the Seward Highway and turn right on 6th Avenue.

 Seward Highway Viewpoint 

Arriving By Cruise Or Train

If you arrive in Anchorage by train, you'll find yourself at the railroad terminal near Ship Creek. From here you can walk up the nearby hill toward downtown. You may also have access to a private bus to take you to the airport.


If you arrive on a cruise ship in Seward or Whittier, you'll be taken to the Airport by train. If you dock in the Port of Anchorage. Then, you'll be taken downtown by bus, or casual walking.


The Anchorage airport is a connection hub for further exploration of Alaska, car rentals, and shuttle services.

 Cruise Ship Connects At Airport 

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