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No Time To Hibernate

Winter In Anchorage

 A Rondy Musher Zooms Through Town 

Fur Rondezvous, (Fur Rondy)

Late February brings the Fur Rendezvous (known locally as "Fur Rondy.") This is an Anchorage-centered event that brings back the historic excitement of spring. In the "old days" trappers used to come into the city with their furs. That still happens nowadays. There are also carnivals, dog races, ice and snow sculpture contests, and various displays. 

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

The ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race to Nome also begins in Anchorage. One week after Fur Rondy, mushers from all over Alaska (and the world) set out on Alaska's premier sled dog race, starting in Downtown Anchorage.This is a one-of-a-kind event, taking place during the first week of March, and brings excitement and cultural meaning to the Anchorage experience. This race takes about 10 days from start to finish. Interested travellers can watch the Anchorage Ceremonial Start, the Official Start in Willow, and even fly to villages to cheer on mushers as they race and finish in the town of Nome, Alaska.


As February turns into March, the city celebrates with a statewide double event. 

Winter Festival and Dog Races

 Iditarod Start 

Ski Fever

There are several downhill ski resorts in the Anchorage area. They are Arctic Valley, Hilltop Ski Area, and Alyeska Resort. Arctic Valley and Hilltop Ski Area are closer to Anchorage. Alyeska is a larger, world class resort in the ski town of Girdwood, forty miles south of Anchorage.


Cross-country skiers feel right at home in Anchorage. The Tony Knowles Coatal Trail system is groomed for traditional and skate-skiing every winter. Lighted cross-country skiing tracks stretch for miles and access all parts of the cities. World championships are held here regularly because of the duration of trail and the snowy conditions.

 Alyeska Tramway 

Winter Slide Shows

Fur Rondy Dog Races

A slideshow detailing Fur Rondy Fun: dog races, a wintertime parade, and a reindeer run.

Rondy Snow Sculptures

Creative carvers work with giant blocks of snow to make sculptures in the Ship Creek area every Fur Rondy.

An Alaskan Native arts show, called the Charlotte Jensen Native Arts Market, is held for a week every Fur Rondy at the Dimond Center Mall in South Anchorage.

Rondy Highlights

Various images of previous Fur Rondy events and activities.

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