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Anchorage Wildlife

Anchorage Wildlife is Everywhere   Slideshow 

Anchorage wildlife is abundant. Large mammals like bears and moose share the city with hikers, bikers, and cars. On coastal trails and city streets, moose roam looking to eat tree tips and grasses. Bears are less prominent, but a few black and brown bears are occasionally spotted on the trail system or the Hillside.


Anchorage is a birder's paradise, with numerous species on migration routes. Check the local ponds, swamps, and wetlands for birds in all seasons. Even the trees on the coastal trail are filled with woodland birds at all times of year.


Enjoy this slideshow of Anchorage wildlife by local photographer Buck Shreck.

Moose are easier to spot in Anchorage than at Denali National Park.
Anchorage Is A City Full Of Animals
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