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Getting Around Anchorage

Travel Anchorage's Many Communities

 Ted Stevens International Airport 

Travel In Anchorage Is Possible With Car, Taxi, and Bus   Sections 

If you are downtown, you can walk or bike through town. (Bike rentals are available at several locations downtown and in midtown.) 


To get further across town, you'll need to drive, take a bus, or a taxi. Taxi fares in Anchorage aren't that high, and a taxi is a great way to take a one way trip on a schedule. Otherwise, you may find your self travelling by rental car, RV, or bus.


City busses run a regular schedule, but mainly from the major traffic arteries of town to other connecting locations. Shuttle busses are free, and run from downtown to tourist attractions across the city.


Need even more ways to get there? A company offers segway rentals in the summer. And yes, in winter it is even possible to ride a dog sled, cross country skis, or a snowbike across town.

Anchorage Communities & Maps

 Visitor Center Downtown 

 Westchester Lagoon 

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