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A Block Of Snow Becomes A Canvas   Slideshow 

Snow carvings are pretty much the rambunctious younger brother to the much more elite and prestigious ice carving competitions. Both types of events happen during Fur Rondy. Snow carving consists of packing snow from local snow plowying piles into large plywood crates. The finished snow sets, and carvers began whittling away three dimensionally into the soft surface. Because of fluctuating temperatures, it's wise to arrive early to a snow sculpture show. Professional snow carvers exist, but at Fur Rondy, the event is more casual. Local teams create fantastic drawings of the creations they try to achieve. Some sculptures are hits out of the ballpark, while others are a little more than the creators bargained for. The level of variable success is what makes a snow sculpture competition fun, as well as the idea that virtually anyone can join a team, no matter the level of expertice.

Carving snow. It's a tradition only possible in cities with snowy winters and a sense of humor.
A Friendly Snow Carving Contest in Anchorage

Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures

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